Our Southern Africa


SAR 19D-2749 steams across the Gouritz River Bridge

SAR 19D-2749 steams across the Gouritz River Bridge

South Africa, land of contrast and geomorphological diversity, land of forest and grassland, fynbos and semi-desert, arid coast and snowcapped mountain peaks. South Africa, land of incredible beauty.

Along the eastern and south-eastern coast enjoy the ancient forests, on walks for all ages and fitness level. Travel from one coastal town to the other at an easy pace in the superb weather which is usually on offer, or opt for off-road drives and savour the unique scenery.

Inland the vegetation changes to karoo shrubs and grassland. The going here is definitely not for the hurried and impatient. The distance between towns can be as much as 150 to 200 kilometres, but the vast landscape has a soothing effect on the traveller.

Semidesert, this is the well-known Kalahari with its abundance of wildlife such as kudu, gemsbok, springbok, the Kalahari lion and many more. The Namib desert is situated along part of the west coast of southern Africa. Diamonds and disaster are two well-known features here.

What we would like to achieve is to give those who are interested in this country at the southern tip of Africa something to read about, get interested in and come for a visit, to enjoy every aspect of the scenery, the people, the cultures and so much more and to come back for a second and probably a third time. (We’re doing this because the locals don’t care and we’re hoping you do.)