Asahi Tele-Takumar 1:6.3/300

Description and Review

Description, Notes & Specifications

Camera Mount:M42x1
Lens Elements / Groups:5 / 4
Diaphragm Type:pre-set
Diaphragm Blades:
Angle of View:
Maximum Aperture:f/6·3
Minimum Aperture:f/22
Minimum Focus Distance:5·5 metres
Magnification Factor:
Filter Size:ø 58 mm (screw)
Largest Diameter:
Product Numbers:363 / 43630
Serial Number Range:
My Serial Number:1079282

Tele-Takumar 300mm f/6·3 — More compact and much lighter that the f/4, this lens is extremely suitable for hand-held outdoor telephotography. Features smooth helicoidal focussing and built-on lenshood. Also represents and exceptional value in long-focus lenses and is the choice of many professionals and advanced amateurs who require an extremely versatile telephoto lens. Equipped with manual diaphragm.1

Distance engravings in yellow (metres) and blue (feet); red IR marker; focus throw of 330°.

Variations: Lettering on front bezel either round or oval; front bezel reads either —

Asahi Opt. Co., Lens made in Japan Tele-Takumar 1:6.3/300 [serial number]

or —

Asahi Opt. Co., Lens made in Japan [serial number] Tele-Takumar 1:6.3/300

Goof: My copy (1079282) says “Lens made in Japar”!


Recommended: Yes!


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