Friemersheim, a small agricultural community about 15 kms from Groot-Brakrivier, was founded by a German missionary early in the nineteenth century. The Dutch Reformed Church owned Friemersheim, who sold the land to the state in the 1960’s. It is a settlement more than a town, and the only building of any interest is the church.

In 1999 the subsistence farmers organised the Friemersheim Kleinboervereniging (FKV) and bought a 100 hectare farm near their village under the auspices of the Land Reform Program. It was divided into 2-hectare plots which were shared out and where the members of the FKV after several initial setbacks now grow potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beetroot for the local market. They also keep sheep and cattle on a small scale.

The Western Cape Government installed an irrigation scheme which provides the crops with much-needed water and which will also eventually create jobs for at least 30 people in Friemersheim and surroundings.

“Watch out for that tree!”

“Watch out for that tree!”